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CNET 4-Star Rating  Review by CNET staff - Apr 27, 2010
"Keyboard Manager Deluxe is a sort of super macro utility that can assign hotkeys to shortcuts, objects, and text, including plain or formatted text, but it does much more.  It can activate pretty much anything in your system with a few simple keystrokes: programs, printers, drives, files, folders, Web pages, and even DOS files.  You can use it for click-free pasting of objects, sounds, images, and stuff like logos and links in documents, which can save time if you find yourself inserting the same things over and over..."
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Download Keyboard Manager  Keyboard Manager lets you assign shortcuts, text, and objects to over 350 keyboard hotkeys or key combinations, including function keys, for automatic, click-free activation and pasting.  When you press a key combination, Keyboard Manager automatically activates the corresponding, user-assigned functionality.  The three types of functionality assignment are shortcut, text, and object.
Keyboard Window Screenshot
Assignment List Window Screenshot
STANDARD Assignment Window Screenshot
DELUXE Assignment Window Screenshot
Keyboard Manager Standard furnishes text functionality assignment, while Keyboard Manager Deluxe provides not only text functionality, but, also, shortcut and object functionality.  The Keyboard Manager Network versions empower multiple users to share the same hotkey assignments.
If you are unsure, which Keyboard Manager version best suits your needs, please view the Keyboard Manager Version Information and Comparison Table.
"I have been using Keyboard Manager for almost six years.
I have my function keys labeled with all my address information for forms.  I also randomly assign function keys with key paragraphs I use over and over.
Keyboard Manager has saved me hours and hours of typing and shortened my time on the computer.  It is the greatest value to cost software program I have ever purchased, bar none.  On top of that if I ever have a problem, customer service is very fast to respond to my emails."
Donald H. Smith
Athens, GA
Keyboard Manager Versions *
 Keyboard Manager Standard 2.20
 Keyboard Manager Deluxe 2.20
 Keyboard Manager Standard Network 2.20
 Keyboard Manager Deluxe Network 2.20
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For more Keyboard Manager information, please see the topics below:
Key Combinations (HotKeys)
Shortcut Functionality
Text Functionality
Object Functionality

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